How You Can Disrupt the Digital Ad Space with Podcast Advertising

Podcast advertising offers brands a unique opportunity to get in front of a hyper-targeted audience. While there are more than 700,000 active podcasts, in nearly every niche, this medium is still in its infancy. With Apple finally investing in podcast analytics and Spotify acquiring two podcasting companies in 2019, Gimlet Media and Anchor, the podcasting industry is here for the long haul. As podcasts continue to gain more and more traction, now is the time to learn about this industry and how to leverage podcast advertising.

In this session, Kat will talk about the growth of the podcast industry, teach you how to find and work with podcasts that are inline with your target audience, how to run a podcast advertising campaign, what budget to start with, what KPIs to consider, how to measure success, and what roadblocks to watch out for. She’ll share sponsorship examples and real client results.